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First-ever smart toypad

Real toys in a digital environment for fun learning

What is Toyji?

In Toyji, kids bridge the real and digital worlds by handling physical objects that come alive on screen at their command.

The iOS and Android compatible device allows kids to use physical toys to control and interact with characters and objects on the tablet screen. Each toypad can detect up to 16 smart toys simultaneously by sending their IDs, positions and rotations in real-time to tablets via Bluetooth technology.

Our Mission

Mimic the real world and enhance it with the limitless possibilities of digital

Gamify learning, creativity, and social skills

Allow kids to use their screen time to develop cognitive, motor and social skills unavailable in typical digital play

Enable an environment for parents, teachers and kids to create social, educational and fun experiences


Andrea - Mother
"Brushing their teeth, going to the garden, plants that are growing, food that is growing, they were learning... they didn't feel like they were learning, but they were learning all these things as they were playing"

Jeff - Father
"Having four kids, I think it was good that they could work together to accomplish a task or play the game. The interactive aspect of physical toys that they use in the game was really unique in the tablet game”

Katie - Teacher
"Kids love it, last year they had a lot of fun while they were playing Toyji games. Toyji application combines learning and entertainment for them. It develops motor skills like coordination, cognitive skills like knowing more about the world around them, and social and communication skills like working together with parents and friends on common interests and goals"

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